Which way does a ceiling fan turn in the summer and winter?

Since Direct Renovation Supply is well-versed in supplying high-quality and stylish ceiling fans to numerous customers, we're likely able to help with any questions you have about the ceiling fan's reversible motor. Most ceiling fans have a reversible motor so that you can turn the blades clockwise and counterclockwise. Why should we switch our fan blades? Switching the direction of your fan blades will help you control the temperature in your place, so you can save on both cooling and heating costs.

Feeling overheated during the summer? Summer Setting: Counter-Clockwise

To escape the summer heat, your ceiling fan should spin in a counterclockwise direction (when viewed from below). This mode creates a downward airflow, which produces a wind-chill effect, the breeze dries sweat on your skin, making you feel cooler!

Feeling chilly during the winter? Winter Setting: Clockwise

In winter, you should change the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise. This way you can push warm air, which rises to the ceiling, back down into the living space. Furthermore, this movement helps keep the temperature even and could save on your heating costs!

How to Change Fan Direction:

Most ceiling fans have a switch located on the motor housing near the ceiling blades. This switch typically allows you to change the direction of rotation easily. However, if you feel unsure, consult your fan's manual or contact the manufacturer for more information and guidance.

Understanding the correct rotation of your ceiling fan according to different seasons can greatly impact your comfort and energy bills. By simply adjusting the direction of rotation, you can optimize the benefits of your fan year-round, staying cool in summer and cozy in winter. Feel free to explore our high-quality selection of closeout discount ceiling fans at affordable prices that you'll love!