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This door stop protects walls and doors The rubber bumper cushions walls with its padded surface and protects doors from unnecessary damage. Slamming a door can result in repair bills, punctured walls and splintered wood. With an intuitive setup, install this stop in seconds and defend your home from loose and swinging doors. This door stop is designed to withstand years of repeated use and outlast traditional stops of equal or greater value. Keep this product in your garage, cabinet or tool box and have a replacement stop whenever necessary.

Part Number: DH-422ORB

Material: Zinc Die-Cast
Projection: 2 Inches From 5/16 Inches Diameter Hing Pin
Complete With Rubber Stop and Plastic Spacer 
1 - 5/8 Inches Adjustable Rubber Head Screw
Overall Size: 2 Inches x 1 7/16 Inches

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