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Sub-Zero's 42 inch French Door refrigerator offers 15% more refrigerator storage than Sub-Zero's other 42 inch side-by-side models - that means easier access to more of the fresh food you reach for most regularly, and with a two-column shelving system, you'll have more flexibility for storing taller bottles and containers too.

Dual refrigeration provides the ideal humid yet chilly conditions for fresh foods, along with dry, frigid air for frozen and convenience foods. An advanced air purification system scrubs the air of ethylene gas, bacteria, mold and viruses. Easy-to-use controls, magnetic door seals and a microprocessor add to the powerful preservation package. And the water filtration system reduces contaminants and chlorine taste and odors when purifying water or ice.

This is a legacy model with limited availability.

Key Features

  • Monitor and control remotely with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Preserves refrigerated foods with cool, moist air and frozen foods with frigid, dry air
  • Fight spoilage and odors with a NASA-inspired air purification system
  • Locks in cold air to ensure freshness with magnetic door seals
  • Keeps produce fresher with high-humidity, sealed crisper and deli drawers
  • Controls temperature within one degree of setpoint
  • Filters water and ice, removing contaminants, chlorine taste, and odor
  • Delivers fresh, filtered water through an internal dispenser located discreetly within the refrigerator
  • Yields ice automatically and "max ice" for additional production.
  • Ensures excellent visibility with bright LED lights
  • Refer to freshness cards for tips on food preservation, use, and care
Quick Spec
Download Spec Sheet Here
Brand: Sub Zero
Model#: BI-42UFDID/S/PH
Overall Dimensions: 42" W x 84" H x 24" D
Refrigerator Capacity: 17.9 cubic feet
Freezer Capacity: 6.3 cubic feet
Star-K Certified
Shipping Weight: 621 lbs
Annual Energy Usage: $97 (693 kWh)
Receptacle: 3-prong grounding-type
Electrical Supply: 115 VAC, 60 Hz
Electrical Service: 15 amp dedicated circuit

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